No Money needed


If you like my work and would like to support me, there are many different ways.

The most important is to just stay iinterested in my work. Stop by in my streams or my social media pages from time to time and interact with me. Thats what motivates me to do art instead of wasting my time with video games etc.

Another way to support me without spending a cent is to tell friends who might like my work. Maybe this friend will commission a painting one day.

But I want to give money


If you want to support me financially the first logical conclusion should be to buy my art.

But there are other ways.  You could stop by my twitch stream and donate something.
I'm about to open a paetron page and will post info here and in my social media pages once its online.

What about...?


If you have another Idea how you could help or support me, feel free to contact me via my social media channels or at: