Hi, I'm Till

Since I can imagine, I was creating things. Whether it was Painting, Drawing, Sculpting, Painting little Warhammer figures or doing things on my PC, I always enjoyed creating things.
I would not call myself creative though, since I always preferred reproducing things, I could see in front of me. I never was an artist who wants to express his feelings in a painting. For me its more about the technique and the attempt to get better with every painting.

Lately I realized, that I want to keep painting as much as possible once my education (architectue) is completed. That means, that I have to  finance the time I'm spending in my studio somehow.
So thats why I decided to stop just painting for free or the material costs, I want to open my works to others and hopefully build a foundation on which i can continue painting as a side job.

I'm happy for everyone who supports me in that attempt.